The Centre for Corporate Governance (CCG), the Premier and Pioneer Corporate Governance Training Institution in Africa, is a company limited by guarantee, which was established by a private sector initiative for corporate governance in 1999 to foster the highest standards of corporate governance and excellence in all types of corporations. At inception, the Centre was registered as the Private Sector Corporate Governance Trust (PSCGT), renamed the Centre for Corporate Governance in 2002. The Centre achieves its mandate through training, education, research, monitoring, evaluation and advocacy.

Values, Vision and Mission of the Centre:

Values of the Centre: Integrity, Accountability, Responsibility, Transparency, Equity, Innovation, Efficiency, Effectiveness and Excellence

Vision Statement: The Premier Institution and Centre of Excellence in the promotion and facilitation of best practices in corporate governance for social transformation and economic development of Kenya in particular, and Africa, in general.

Mission Statement: Developing and promoting the adoption of sustainable best practices in Corporate Governance through training, education, research, monitoring and evaluation.



To-date, July 27, 2018, the Centre has conducted trainings in corporate governance, governance, leadership and management for over 14,308 Public Leaders, Political Leaders, Board Members, Chief Executives, County Governors and Deputies, MCAs, County Assembly Members, County Public Service Council members and Senior Managers from all types of organisations, including NGO’s and banks, throughout Anglophone and Francophone Africa in its 5-Day; 3-Day; 2-Day and 1-Day. 

Research, Monitoring, Evaluation and Curriculum Development

The Centre has conducted and disseminated twelve research studies on corporate governance practices in Corporations, Banks, organisations, institutions, SMEs and Commissions; finalised Monitoring and Evaluation activities, including Board Evaluations for various Corporations, and Companies. The Centre has facilitated the development of curricula for MBA, LLM degree and Postgraduate Diploma programmes in Corporate Governance for adaptation and implementation by Universities and institutions of higher learning.

The Centre has developed and disseminated seven guidelines on corporate governance principles and practices for shareholders; state-owned corporations; the banking sector; co-operatives; disclosure and reporting; and Universities in Kenya. The guidelines for State Owned enterprises brought about the implementation of the now famous Performance Contracts in the Public Sector, in which the Centre’s associates continue to play a major role. In addition, the Centre has development of Board Instruments: Board Manuals, Evaluation Guidelines and Schedules of Authority. The Centre was the “Outstanding Lead Technical Agency” in Corporate Governance thematic group in the African Peer Review Mechanism (APRM) - Kenyan Chapter – 2004 and 2005.

It is instructive to note that the Centre facilitated the establishment of the Pan African Consultative Forum for Corporate Governance (PACFCG); Kenya Shareholders Association (KSA); Institute of Directors (IoD) Kenya and the Consultative Forum for Chairmen of State Owned Corporations in Kenya.